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Servicing concessions in Theatres, Stadiums,
Arenas, Schools, and Food Service.


Servicing Grocery Stores large and small, and Club Stores all over the United States.


Servicing Cinemas, Stadiums, Arenas, Schools, Club, C-Store,  and Food Service globally.

Contract Manufacturing

We provide private label manufacturing for chips and popcorn.

Ricos snacks are enjoyed in movie theaters and sports arenas across America. Ricos is the originator of Game Time nachos, introduced as a new snack food at Arlington Stadium in 1976! Learn More

Ricos Products offers items designed for food service markets with a variety of high-quality Ricos Cheese Sauces, nacho chips, salsa, and jalapeño peppers.  Learn More

Ricos Products offers items designed for retail shelves and displays. Ricos can help serve your customers with an assortment of Ricos Cheese, Nacho Chips, Popcorn, and more. Learn More

Ricos snack products are enjoyed in grocery stores, movie theatres, and sports arenas around the world. We’ve been exporting our products since 1994, and you can now find our products in 57 countries. Learn More

Ricos Products leverages our heritage of quality products to offer you a variety of snack foods under private label products and/or contract manufacturing worldwide. Learn More

Ricos Products has an assortment of Point Of Sale marketing materials available to help provide you with display and advertising for Ricos Products. Learn More

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