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Ricos Products offers items designed for concessions, retail space, and exports. We offer contract manufacturing, point-of-sale materials, and detailed instructions to help you succeed. Ricos can help serve your customers with an assortment of Ricos Cheese, Nacho Chips, Popcorn, and more!


Ricos is enjoyed in movie theatres as well as arenas, ballparks, and stadiums across America. In fact, Ricos was the “Originator of Concession Nachos” when they were introduced as a new snack food at Arlington Stadium in 1976! Today, nachos are available in every major league park. Since 1976, Ricos Nachos have spread far and wide with the variety of Ricos Products now includes peanuts, pickles, popcorn, and more!


Retail Solutions

The same great products that you enjoy at the movies and ball games… now available in the comfort of your home!!!

Ricos Products Co. offers items designed for retail shelves and displays. Ricos can help serve your customers with an assortment of Ricos Cheese, Nacho Chips, Popcorn and more!

Retail Solutions


Ricos Products Co., Inc. is the Originator of Concession Nachos and a premier supplier of snack foods around the globe. Using time-honored family recipes and the freshest ingredients, Ricos is renowned for creating authentic, unique, and flavorful products that include high-quality nacho cheese sauces, authentic tortilla chips, flavorful salsas, zesty jalapeño peppers, and much more.

In 1976, we were recognized by the NAC as the creators of concession Nachos and in 2009 we proudly celebrated 100 years of service. We now manufacture a variety of delicious and high-quality snack foods ideal for concessions, food service, or home use. Our products can be found in cinemas, stadiums, parks, restaurants, hotels, snack bars, etc… They are also available at retail outlets such as grocery stores, mass merchandisers, convenience stores, club stores, and others.

We are a global customer service-oriented company and you can now find our delicious products in over 50 countries around the world.


Contract Manufacturing

We can manufacture your private label products and are established leaders in manufacturing.

The Liberto Family, now through Ricos, have been leaders in snack food innovation since 1909. We have taken that experience and made our process available to partners.

At our state-of-the-art facility in Arlington, Texas, our full quality & safety program insures accuracy for your products. We are flexible to meet your manufacturing needs.

Contract Manufacturing

Marketing Support

Ricos offers promotional and POS marketing materials for you.

We have an assortment available to help provide you with display and advertising for Ricos Products.

We also have Instructional Support help with instructions on how to use our products, product manuals and guides, and an instructional video on how to operate our Cheese Dispenser.

Marketing Support

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