Ricos: A Legacy of Flavorful Indulgence Since 1909

We are Ricos, where flavor meets tradition and quality is the cornerstone of every product we offer. Since our journey began in 1976, Ricos has been the go-to brand for concession nachos, offering an array of snack items that cater to a variety of tastes and occasions. Our line of products, including the iconic Ricos Cheese Sauce, Ricos Chips, and more, are crafted with care and dedication, ensuring every bite is as memorable as the last. For those in Texas looking to indulge in the ultimate snacking experience, Ricos products are readily available across specialty, retail, and international channels.

Ricos Cheese Sauce
Our Ricos Cheese Sauce is the heart of our brand, offering a smooth, always creamy texture that has won the hearts of nacho lovers everywhere. Available in several flavors and size options, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re crafting a family dinner, hosting a game night, or simply indulging in a solo snack session. One of the secrets behind the unmatched quality of our cheese sauce is the aseptic cooking process. This method allows us to produce our cheese without preservatives, ensuring it’s freshly sealed in the can for lasting creaminess, taste, and long-term product stability. It’s not just cheese; it’s Ricos Cheese, made with real cheese whey, setting a standard for nacho cheese sauce that’s hard to beat.

Original Nacho Chips
What’s cheese without chips? Our Original Nacho Chips are designed with the consumer in mind: thicker for strength, with a variable curve to ensure each chip gets a generous topping. The design allows consumers to pile on toppings higher, confident that the chip will not get soggy or break under the weight of queso or dips. It’s this attention to detail and quality that has kept our items beloved since 1976. Ricos Chips are the perfect companion to our cheese sauce, creating the ultimate nacho experience that’s been a favorite in Texas and beyond.

Quality and Tradition
At Ricos, quality is key. From Ricos Cheese Sauce to Ricos Chips, each product undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure it meets our high standards. This commitment to excellence is a testament to our origins as a family-owned and operated business. The Liberto family, who started Ricos, remains heavily involved, making decisions that uphold the quality and integrity of our products. It’s this dedication to tradition and quality that has made Ricos a household name in concession nachos and snack items.

Where to Buy in Texas
For those in Texas eager to get their hands on Ricos Nachos, Cheese Sauce, Chips, Popcorn, and more, you’re in luck. Our products are available in a variety of settings across the state. From specialty stores that cater to the discerning snack lover, to retail chains where convenience meets quality, finding Ricos products in Texas is easy. Additionally, our international channels ensure that even if you’re hosting an event or simply craving the taste of home, Ricos is never far away.

In Texas, whether you’re in bustling cities like Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio, or enjoying the scenic beauty of the Hill Country, Ricos products are a staple for any snack occasion. Look for us in your local grocery stores, convenience stores, and specialty shops. We’re also available online for those who prefer the convenience of home delivery.

Ricos: A Texas Tradition
Since 1976, Ricos has been more than just a brand; it’s been a tradition for families and friends who gather to share moments of joy and deliciousness. In Texas, where the spirit of community runs deep, Ricos Nachos, Cheese Sauce, and Chips are a part of the fabric that brings people together. Whether you’re enjoying a movie night, celebrating a victory, or simply savoring the everyday, Ricos is there to elevate your snacking experience.

So, next time you’re planning your snack menu, remember that Ricos products offer the quality, tradition, and flavor that have made us a beloved choice across Texas and around the world. Dive into the delicious world of Ricos, where every bite is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

As a family business deeply rooted in tradition, Ricos continues to evolve while staying true to our founding principles. The commitment to quality, the pursuit of innovation, and the passion for delivering exceptional concession foods remain the driving force behind Ricos’ success.

In a world where trends come and go, Ricos stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of authentic flavors and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. For over a century, Ricos has been more than a brand; it’s a culinary journey that brings people together, one nacho at a time.

In 1976, the NAC acknowledged us as the pioneers of concession nachos, and in 2009, we joyously commemorated a century of dedicated service.

Numerous misconceptions circulate regarding canned cheese, often categorizing it as fake cheese. It’s important to note that Ricos cheese sauce contains real cheese whey in its ingredients. Through our meticulous Aseptic cooking production process, we ensure the cheese’s creaminess and taste but also eliminates the need for preservatives. The cheese is sealed fresh in the can, offering lasting stability to the product.

One of the star attractions in our repertoire is our Original Nacho Chips. Crafted with precision, these chips boast a thickness that goes beyond the ordinary. This strategic design is aimed at providing strength to each chip, ensuring it can bear the weight of generous toppings without succumbing to sogginess. The variable curvature of the chip is a stroke of genius, allowing consumers to enjoy a perfect bite with every scoop of Ricos Nacho Cheese or any other delectable dip.

Ricos Concession Food is not just a product; it’s a testament to our commitment to creating memorable moments. Whether it’s the thrill of a live game, the excitement of a blockbuster movie, or the camaraderie at a family gathering, Ricos products have become an integral part of these experiences.

The global appeal of Ricos extends beyond the borders of Texas. With a presence in specialty stores, retail outlets, and international channels, Ricos has successfully transcended geographical boundaries. Our nacho concession food has become a global sensation, captivating taste buds and winning hearts worldwide.

The versatility of Ricos products goes beyond the conventional nacho experience. Ricos Cheese Sauce has become a culinary companion for various dishes, adding a touch of indulgence to everything it graces. From enhancing the flavor of favorite meals and dishes to serving as a delightful dip for chips and veggies, Ricos Cheese Sauce has proven its adaptability in the kitchen.

In addition to the iconic Nacho Cheese and Cheese Sauce, Ricos has diversified its offerings to cater to different preferences. The Ricos Tortilla Chips lineup includes a range of options, from classic flavors to bold and spicy varieties, ensuring there’s something for every palate. We even offer pickles. Our Ricos Pickles are sold as single-serve pouches in dill and chamoy flavors. These pickles don’t need refrigeration and boast a shelf life of one year.