Ricos Museum

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Ricos Products has a colorful history dating back to the late 1800’s with roots planted by the Liberto Family.
Our museum is a small glimpse of the historic path the Liberto Family took to arrive at the company we know today, including ground breaking products and concession innovations.

Ricos Museum Location:

830 S Presa
San Antonio, TX 78210

Museum Hours:

Monday – Friday

9:00am – 3:30pm 

Admission is free by appointment.

Please call 210-222-1415 for availability.

Closed Holidays.



Italy to the United States

Did you know that when Rosario Liberto started the company, he didn’t even sell nachos? How things have changed! But what hasn’t changed is our belief that quality is the best policy.

Ricos Invented Concession Nachos


Frank Liberto introduced Concession Nachos at Arlington Stadium in 1976. Baseball fans are treated to a new taste – a delicious dish consisting of fried tortilla chips with cheddar cheese sauce and jalapeno peppers. 

This was the birth of a concession snack now served at ballparks, stadiums, theaters and venues around the world.

Ricos Logo

The Liberto Specialty Company name , previously named Liberty Peanuts, was changed to “Ricos” in honor of Frank’s father, Enrico, who ran the business before him.

The iconic Ricos logo of a cheese droplet was created by national Hispanic advertising executive Lionel Sosa.

Ricos 35mm Movie Trailer


A 35mm Film trailer is used in movie theatres during intermission to feature nachos in that venue.

The three stars of the film are Rico, Pepe, and Nacho with personalities you won’t forget, from “Rico” the enthusiastic cheerleader to “Pepe” the bashful pepper ring who would rather be anywhere other than in the film, to “Nacho” who has a lovable, affable personality. 

The animation of the three stars is done by Walt Disney Cartoon Animators.

Liberto Cash & Carry

Liberto Cash & Carry is a concession supply store specializing on Ricos Products and more. We carry bulk products for nachos, popcorn, sno-cones, frito-pies, cotton candy, pickles, chips, etc.