The company introduces Concession Nachos at Texas Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. Nachos catch the imagination of everybody including the announcers. Someone gives one of the announcers, Howard Cosell, nachos during the game. He loves them and likes the funny sounding name. That night, Cosell and the broadcast team work references to nachos into the game analysis as often as possible. As part of their usual prattle, they “mix nachos” with their commentary, and whenever there is a good pass or touchdown, they scream in a high pitch, “That was nacho man!” “What a nacho run that was!” and “Hey, that’s nachos all the way!”. Cosell loves describing great plays by calling them “nachos”. He gives the food national recognition, making the term an acceptable adjective for spectacular events, and forever securing its spot as one of the sport watcher’s favorite finger foods. Nachos may have remained a Texas specialty if not for Howard Cosell and Monday Night Football.

Ricos Products Company is established, named after Frank’s father, Enrico “Rico” Liberto, as a subsidiary of Liberto Specialty Co., Inc. It was created to keep up with the demand and to produce products specifically for Nachos. The company’s products are given the name “Ricos.”

Frank Liberto becomes involved in the manufacturing and distribution of the product when a friend suggests he come up with a way to package cheese in a liquid or creamy nonperishable state. He develops a way to add milk to make it creamier, more appealing, lighter and less filling just like Birds Eye had done with Hershey’s when it added milk to chocolate. Frank uses a Westinghouse roaster to melt the cheese and enlists the help of a chip maker from Mexico to come up with nacho chips. He also approaches a manufacturer which sells jalapeno peppers in Veracruz, Mexico and has him develop a way to slice them instead of cutting them lengthwise and calls them Ricos pepper rings for nachos.

Frank markets Nachos to the National Association of Concessionaires and other trade associations. They begin offering his style of nachos, increasing sales of other concession items. Frank discovers a gold mine. It is unbelievable.