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Ricos Giving Thanks

Ricos Products generously provided Thanksgiving Turkeys to its employee to enjoy over the Holidays. With a special message of thanks, and a moment of silence for the fallen San Antonio Police Officer, CEO Tony Liberto addressed the hard-working crew.

October Celebrations at Ricos

Ricos Products has some news to share… We celebrated a big  milestone anniversary: Kara – 15 Years We also sang “Happy Birthday” Ricos-style to fellow team member: Robert Lots of reasons to celebrate!   And to bring in the Fall season in Texas….Kona...

May Celebrations at Ricos

After everyone relaxed and enjoyed their long Memorial Holiday weekend, we have more reasons to celebrate here at Ricos and enjoy some delicious desserts as a team! We celebrated several milestone anniversaries: Megan – 10 Years MaryLouise – 10 Years Jennifer – 5...