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“20 quirky and cool San Antonio Fiesta medals you can buy right now on eBay”

Do you hear that? The jingle-jangle of new Fiesta medals — from H-E-B and Bill Miller’s to here at the Express-News — is ringing up excitement for the 10-day San Antonio blowout, which is only two weeks away.

Handmade or manufactured, official or unofficial, these small badges of Fiesta cred pin individuals and community groups to a decades-old tradition in San Antonio.

And while Pin Pandemonium at Alamo Plaza is the epic event for collectors to buy, sell and trade Fiesta medals, a savvy few are hawking some of 2016’s line on eBay.

The online marketplace has Fiesta medals for sale and auction that date back 15 years, but the more eye-catching, trendier ones are medals from this year. There are two Star Wars-themed medals, for example, “May the Fiesta be with you.”

At the time of writing, Ricos Nachos Cheese commanded one of the highest prices in the online marketplace at $30, second only to a quirky $40 medal representing the San Antonio Post Office.


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