For the first time ever, Ricos products made a FIESTA Medal for the San Antonio citywide celebration. The Medal signifies the 40th year anniversary of the introduction of the concession nachos. Fiesta_Medal_ad

Medal Cost: $10; Or Free with store purchase of $75 or more while supplies last. Location: Liberto Cash & Carry located at 830 S Presa, San Antonio, TX 78210)

Medal Significance: 1976-2016:  40th year anniversary of the introduction of concession nachos. 1976: Frank Liberto, creator of concession nachos, introduces nachos at Arlington Stadium.  Baseball fans are treated to a new taste – a delicious dish consisting of fried tortillas with cheese sauce and jalapeno peppers. What are they served?  RICOS NACHOS!  Arlington Stadium, with a season’s attendance of 1,200,000, sells Ricos nachos at the rate of one sale per every 2 ½ patrons – over $800,000 in sales and when compared to popcorn that sells to one in 14 for total sales of $85,000.  A star is born!



Ricos 2016 Fiesta Medal Fan Gallery