“Three Amigos”

This year Ricos is celebrating FIESTA with a trio of retro characters. Ricos is also celebrating a 110 year anniversary for 2019.
This year’s medal is celebrating the Ricos Mascot, “Rico” and his buddies “Nacho” and “Pepe”, from the original movie trailer created in 1977.

Nachos were introduced to movie theaters in 1977…they were an instant hit. To help promote the new snack, a 35mm Film trailer is used in movie theatres during intermission.
The three stars of the film are Rico, Pepe, and Nacho with personalities you won’t forget, from “Rico” the enthusiastic cheerleader to “Pepe” the bashful pepper ring who would rather be anywhere other than in the film, to “Nacho” who has a lovable, affable personality. It is only a few seconds long but is remembered by all who saw it. The animation of the three stars was created by Walt Disney Cartoon Animators.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit JDRF and their annual fundraising efforts.

Medals are $10 and available for purchase at:

♦Liberto Cash & Carry Retail Store
830 S Presa, San Antonio, TX, 78213

♦Online in the SA Flavor Fiesta Web Shop

Watch the original trailer here: