FAQ: Are Ricos products kosher certified?

Q. Are Ricos products kosher certified?

A. At Ricos, we are always evaluating how to exceed our consumers’ expectations and one part of that is kosher certification. As you might imagine, we produce many different products with many different processes. Ricos products that are certified Kosher under Orthodox Union include:

  • Ricos Pre-Popped Popcorn:
    • RIC25102 Butter 4.25oz Bag
    • RIC26122 Butter 1.5oz Bag
    • RIC90000 Butter School Version 5/8oz Bag
    • RIC26111 Butter 22oz Bag
    • RIC25100 Cheddar 4.4oz Bag
    • RIC26289 Cheddar 1.5oz Bag
    • RIC90001 Cheddar School Version 5/8oz Bag
    • RIC26526 Cheddar 16oz Bag
    • RIC25101 White Cheddar 4.4oz Bag
    • RIC26238 Simply Salt 2.75oz Bag
    • RIC26288 Hatch 4.4oz Bag
  • Ricos Dill Pickles:
    • RIC00007D Dill Pickle In A Pouch
    • RIC00005 Chamoy Pickle In A Pouch
    • RIC42100 Whole Dill Pickles 1gal
    • RIC42300 Whole Dill Pickles Bucket

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June 1, 2019