Nacho Personality Quiz Results

Your Nacho Personality Is:

The MVP!

When you’re the Nacho MVP, everyone loves you for your personality and the cheesy Ricos Nachos you always have on hand. Whether it’s game day at home or a night out with friends, you’re always prepared for a cheesy good time with your squad. Enjoy the love and nacho perfection, Nacho MVP!

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The Rebel!

When it comes to rules, there are none for a Nacho Rebel! Your nachos reflect your wild personality, but Ricos crispy nacho chips and creamy nacho cheese will always be the foundation for your nacho masterpiece. Enjoy your nacho creation, Nacho Rebel!

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The Stunt Person!

As a Nacho Stunt Person, whether you’re at home or having fun at the movies, your mission is to make sure everyone has their Ricos Nachos without delay. You’re the one dodging people in the kitchen or in line at the concession stand while trying to avoid a nacho cheese spill. Your reward for your smooth moves – Ricos nacho perfection. Enjoy!

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The Traditionalist!

As a Nacho Traditionalist, you keep your nacho perfection simple – Ricos crispy nacho chips, creamy nacho cheese and a peppery jalapeno punch. Whether it’s snack time at home or nacho time during your night out, you never waver from your nacho favorites. You can’t go wrong with a classic, so you do you, Nacho Traditionalist!

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