How Do You Nacho?

How to Nacho was inspired by the fact that Ricos Nachos were specifically engineered to create the perfect nacho. A Ricos nacho chip is a precise width to hold the max amount of nacho cheese and Ricos nacho cheese was developed to maintain its smooth consistency regardless of its temperature. In other words, Ricos is, by design, “How to Nacho.” By saying so, we are claiming the reality that as the creator of the concession nacho, Ricos is the nacho authority! So what’s your nacho personality?

Everyone loves Ricos nachos. But not everyone enjoys them in exactly the same way.

The Rebel

Candied bacon on nachos? Why not? If you’re a rule breaker, you might be a Nacho Rebel. When crisp nacho chips, cheesy molten goodness and spicy jalapenos are your base, you can’t go wrong. So, go ahead! Add everything you want… and throw in the kitchen sink too.

The Tailgater

It’s the perfect food for tailgating. Ricos cheese sauces stay smooth and creamy, no matter the temperature. The chips are the perfect thickness to hold all of the cheesy molten goodness –never soggy. Top with perfectly spiced thin-sliced jalapenos and it is nacho perfection! Nacho Tailgaters always feel like a winner, no matter how their team plays.

The Stunt Person

Maybe you weave and bob the crowds at the stadium or movie theater to carry your tray of nachos to safety. You’re obviously a Nachos Stunt Person!


If you’re always scoring nachos for your crew, then you’re a Nacho MVP! Who doesn’t love being the MVP?

The Heavy Hitter

If you’re the one carrying all the nachos to your friends at the ballpark – you’re a Nacho Heavy Hitter.

The Coach

Your inner Nacho Coach may come out when showing your kids just the right amount of cheesy molten goodness to put on their plate.

The Architect

The people…you know them…the ones that have to stack and build their nachos “just so” in order to enjoy’em. They build sky scrapers of tasty nacho chips and coat them with cheesy molten goodness. They are the Nacho Architects!

The Traditionalist

If you like your Ricos nachos the way you first tasted them — crisp nacho chips with cheesy molten goodness and a peppery jalapeño punch — well, then you’re a Nacho Traditionalist.

The Highroller

Some people go all in with their nachos, they’re known as the Nacho High Rollers. When asked what do you want to eat? They always bet on nachos.