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A World of Concessions: International debuts enliven NAC Expo

The National Association of Concessionaires (NAC) is proud to offer its educational programs and operational enhancements annually. This year, TheNAC Concession & Hospitality Expo is being held in Minneapolis, MN, July 19-22, and for the first time all three certification programs are being offered: the CCM(Certified Concession Manager) July 16-19, the ACS (Accredited Concessions Supplier) on July 19, and the ECM (Executive Concession Manager) on July 23.

NAC is proud of its educational forums and offers continuous regional seminars around the world, and this year’s convention provides a sampling with our presentation entitled “Leadership Counts.” The audience for our conference is truly diverse, and representatives from multiple countries trade ideas, concepts and experiences while networking. These personal exchanges prove to be every bit as valuable as the seminars themselves.

It is truly an international marketplace for everything in foodservice. And this year at the Concession & Hospitality Expo, that’s especially true, as multiple new items are being introduced with an international influence on the U.S. concession trade. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of them.


Ricos Seasoned Chips

Ricos Products is offering a new type of tortilla chip for the nacho segment. These flavored chips are currently being served in South America and Mexico as an alternative to the simple salted tortilla chips in the U.S. This option will allow patrons to select a variety of chip flavors to fit their preferences. Charlie Gomez, VP of specialty markets and theatres, says the initial testing has been phenomenal and has experienced traction in Southwestern United States cinemas. The rollout for a complete transformation is scheduled for late 2016, but NAC delegates are being given a “private screening” of these chips at the conference. Mi amigo, gracias! Muchas gracias!



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