Liberto distribution bought Houston Popcorn. There was currently no theatre business before this. Liberto distribution gained a location in Harlingen after this purchase. the first theatre business was Henry Hall Theatres. At this time, United Artists Theatres were...


The company introduces Concession Nachos at Arlington Stadium in Arlington, TX. Baseball fans are treated to a new taste – a delicious dish consisting of fried tortilla chips with cheddar cheese sauce and jalapeno peppers.


Frank Liberto closes Dine-A-Mite Foods in order to devote full time to Liberto Specialty Co., Inc. Liberto’s bought Associated Popcorn in Dallas – the main supplier in Texas for the Theatre industry. All of the Associated Popcorn chains had regional...


The company introduces Concession Nachos at Texas Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. Nachos catch the imagination of everybody including the announcers. Someone gives one of the announcers, Howard Cosell, nachos during the game. He loves them and likes the funny...

Late 1977

Nachos are actively promoted in tradeshows and fairs across the United States to get the nacho craze started. The biggest challenge is to convince people that nachos are not just a southwestern item, but an item that will increase stadium concession profits across the...


Liberto Distribution gained United Artist southeastern business. Shortly after they opened locations in Charlotte, NC and Tampa, FL.


As the spicy snack becomes a “hot cake” and tops the revenue charts in theatres’ concessions, Liberto earns the title “Father of Nachos” and wins recognition from the National Association of Concessionaires for creating the “fourth greatest concession item.” #1:...


Liberto Distribution purchases Blevins Popcorn. The headquarters is in Memphis, TN. There were also locations in Florida, the Carolinas, and Oklahoma. There was a very small location in Miami, FL where Liberto’s began their international shipping.