Ricos Products offers items designed for retail shelves and displays. Ricos can help serve your customers with an assortment of Ricos Cheese, Nacho Chips, Popcorn and more.


Products Available for Retail:

  • Nacho Cheese 3.5 oz cups (4/pack) (RIC21207)
  • Gourmet Nacho 15 oz Can (RIC21110)
  • Premium Aged Cheddar 15 oz Can (RIC23100)
  • Cheddar 1 kg Bag (RIC 57500)
  • Nacho Chips 1 lb Bag (RIC26158)
  • Nachos-on-the-go Box (RIC24960)
  • Cheddar Squeeze 16 oz Bottle (RIC02106)
  • Cheddar Glass 16 oz jar (RIC21101)

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