Contract Manufacturing

by | Jul 31, 2019

Established Leaders

The Liberto Family, now through Ricos, has been a leader in snack food innovation since 1909. We have taken that experience and made our process available to partners.


We have created a state of the art, 100,000 square foot, environmentally controlled production facility with cutting edge production equipment.


We are located in Arlington, TX (Dallas/Ft. Worth). Our location in the central United States location allows for optimal distribution and delivery times.

Quality & Safety

Our full quality & safety program includes SQF Food Safety and Quality Edition 8.0 Certification, HACCP/Preventive Controls, CGMP, In Line Metal Detection, complete product and raw material traceability, an on-site laboratory for analytical testing, and on site security surveillance systems.


Our computer combination weight fillers feature multi-head weighers that deliver accuracy, speed and reliability for consistently even product fill.


We are flexible to meet your needs, so partner with us and remain part of the process. Our creative marketing department will help support your ideas.


Nacho Chips

Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips: Salted · Seasoned

Ready to Eat Popcorn: Butter · Cheddar Cheese · Custom Seasoned Blends to meet your needs

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